Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dress Shopping with a Daughter….

You have no idea how fucking stressful it is going from shop to shop in the sticky heat of Glasgow looking for the perfect dress.
I would rather lie in a bath of vinegar, cut small incisions all over my thighs and stick a knitting needle into my eye than do that again.
Ashley needed a new dress for the BAFTA awards and I was hoping maybe to get a new dress also…that went out of the window.
I had to watch her try on at least fifteen different dress’s in twelve different shops. Every shop we went into looked like we may have seen ‘The One’ but alas, it wasn’t the one in fact it was the one we hated.
Eventually as we neared the last few shops in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street, we finally found the dress; it was like searching for the Da Vinci Code, it was like finally finding the Holy Grail…it was black, it fitted and it look amazing.
She will wow the Red Carpet….
Deed done, I on the other hand got nothing, so I am going to go in my pyjama’s or maybe naked with a few random drawings all over my fat ass of Casper the Ghost…I don’t know yet!
So we are almost organised, Ashley has uploaded her Mock Documentary on Livedigital, its called Make Me a Lady, go check it out. The accents are very strong but it was meant for a Scottish audience. I loved it, she makes me laugh and I have a small bit part in the video.
I need to go, so many thing to do….

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